A letter to my G-Grandmother from her cousin Timmothy O'Toole...

This is a letter to my G-Grandmother from her cousin Timmothy O'Toole.  It was likely written in the early 1900's, possibly 1920's or 1930's.

My G-Grandmother was born in NY, but her mother was born in Cork, Ireland.  She had a number of aunts and uncles and cousins still in Cork and we have letters they sent up until she passed in 1946.

I don't yet know how Timothy is related, I imagine one her aunts married an O'Toole, but he could also be a 2nd cousin, just not stated as such.

This letter is full of old Irish history and laughs, but if you want the biggest laugh, skip to the end!

Dear Cousin Maggie,

Your welcomed letter received and me and aunt Bridget thank you kindly for the money you sent.  We had seven masses said for your Grandfather and Grand Mother.  God rest their souls.

You have gone high places in America God bless you.  I hope you’ll not be putting on airs and forgetting your native land.

Your cousin Hughie O’Toole was hung in London derry last week for the killing of a policeman, may god rest his soul, and may God’s curse be on Jimmy Rogers the informer, and may his soul burn in hell God forgive me.

Times are not so bad as they might be, the lerring is back and nearly every one who has a boat is making ends’ meet and the price of fish is good, thanks be to God.

We had a grand old time at Pat Muldoon’s wake, he was an old blatherskite, and it looked good to see him stretched out with his big mouth shut, his feller off dead and he’ll burn until the damn place freezes over.  He had to many friends among the Orangemen, God Curse the lot of them.  Bless your heart I almost forgot to tell you about your uncle Danny.  He took a pot shot at a turncoat from in back of the Hedge, but he had to much to drink in him and missed.  God’s curse on the dirty drink.  I hope this letter finds you in the best of health and may God keep reminding you to keep on sending in the money.

The Brennam are 100 per cent strong around here now since they stopped going to America.  They have kids over the country.  Father O’Flaharty, who batpised you, is feebleminded and he sends his blessings.

Mollie O’Brien, the brat you used to go to school with, has married an Englishman.  She’ll have no luck.

May God take care of the lot of you and keep you from sudden death.

Your devoted cousin,

P.S.  Things look bright again.  Every police barracks has been burned to the ground in County Cork, thanks be to God.  Keep sending us money.



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This is wonderful, a treasure to be saved...one things for sure, these folks knew how to be short and sweet? (chuckling) surely it can be stated they said their piece and meant what they said!

Are there any more letters like this? It has me smiling.

Oh dear...

I have migraines which cause memory loss... it looks like I posted this twice, once again around September / October.

The 2nd time around I went looking for Timothy O'Toole, found this:


It's like a 70-year-old version of the "Nigerian Prince" scam emails that went around a few years back.  Remarkably, the letter was written in numerous variations over several decades, and many people for some mysterious reason bundled them with other family letters.

There's dozens of people on that site with variations of that same letter, it's a hoax!

As with everything in Genealogy, don't trust everything your family said, or wrote, unless you can verify it with accurate records.

Dan O.

This letter is a hoot! Thanks for sharing because it gives me some insight into my own Irish family :)


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