Gifts You Can Give Year Round

The Gift of Praise Appropriate mention, right in front of the other fellow, of superior qualities or of a job or deeds well done.

The Gift of Consideration Putting yourself in the other's shoes and thus providing your genuine understanding of his side of the case.

The Gift of Concession Humbly saying at just the right point, "I am sorry, you are right and I am wrong."

The Gift of Gratitude Never forgetting to say "Thank You" and never failing to mean it.

The Gift of Attention When the other fellow speaks, listen attentively. If his words are directed to you personally, meet his eye squarely.

The Gift of Inspiration Plant seeds of courage and action in the other person's heart.

The Gift of Personal Presence In sickness, in trouble, or in great joy, there is nothing quite equal to your personal expression of sympathy or congratulations. Resolve to give these gifts each day. You will be pleasantly surprised at what you will receive in return.

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