Several of you are having problems logging into / and or finding the chatroom. There are 3 options it use :

  • At the top of every page are the tabs to help you navigate the site. To the right of the page you will see Genealogy Chat - click that tab and the following window will open
  • There should also be an option in the dropdown box to go to the full page chat at
  • You may also use the mini chat box at the bottom right of every page on site. Just click the wee bar at the bottom right of the page that says "Welcome to Looking 4 Kin Geneal...." Click that bar to expand the window.

In all cases be sure you are connected to the chat and that the room is not gray color. In the 1st two cases you will find the connect button to the bottom left of the chat. In the last case it is located under the name list. Simply click the cog looking icon and go online - be sure the little dot is green instead of red.

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Thanks for explaining how to get into the chat room. There are many sessions I would like to be involved in, but cannot seem to co-ordinate my Eastern Australian time with the chat room discussions I want in your time.


Hi Nan! I am in Eastern Australia too!  What times are you finding work for the chatroom? Bev.

Hi Bev, Sorry I haven't replied till now. We were away caravaning doing family stuff and some of the time we had no phone / internet connection at all. I am home again now. Have you been able to find the right time to connect with happenings in the Chat Room. I would have really liked to participate in the one yesterday on avoiding genealogy errors. Missed it though. Nan

Hi Nan!  We have been away too visiting family in Sydney and only got back this morning. I still have to find a good time. Bev.


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