Am researching my mother's father's side of the family (Baker) who lived in Liverpool from the late 1890's. Have been able to verify her grandfather but his father is proving a little difficult. Any help from others researching the Bakers would be welcomed. Thanks - Lesley

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Give us some names and dates and we'll take a look


Thanks David. Much appreciated.

I know my great grandfather Charles Henry Baker was married to Margaret King in 1892 in Liverpool Lancashire. His father was Charles Baker but I have no other details. I believe my great grandfather was born in Bristol as it is listed on the 1891 census as his place of birth and his occupation was a butcher.

I want to make sure I have the correct person before I go any further

thanks again


You have the right person in 1891. He was living at 51 Denison St, the same address as was given at the marriage to Margaret King (marriage cert attached). His father was also Charles Henry Baker, a carpenter. But I can't find him in earlier censuses, nor can I see a birth registration

Found them in 1911 now, living at 38 Denison St., Liverpool. He was 45, a butcher b Bristol, married 19 years, 5 children, 4 living. Shout if you need full derails

I think he might be a challenge for you!


Thanks David. Frustrating when you hit a wall.

I found a contact address at the library at Liverpool Will write there and see if they can find anything else. Am hooked! Nothing much time left after golf and geneology



Not sure that the library will be able to help. They only have the same databases as we have.This isn't a wall yet. I'll carry on looking

Found them now in 1891, still at 38 Denison St, but indexed on Ancestry as Bakst. Charles was 35 a butcher, born Bristol

The next task is to find him in 1881 or 1871, and to try to find his birth registration on

There's the option of course that he was illegitimate and he was inventing a father to save face when he married

Never thought of illegitimacy! I did have the 1901 census and it's interesting they hadn't changed the Bakst to Baker yet as I had already commented on it. Really appreciate all your help.

How far back have you managed to get researching your tree?

Hi Lesley 

I've got a couple of lines which go back to medieval times and earlier, but you need to be very lucky to get back past the introduction of parish registers in 1537. My stroke of luck on my father's side was that the sister of my 10xg grandfather and her nephew sailed on the Mayflower, so there's a lot of American interest in my Cooper family, and a fair bit of research was done on them in the States. I carried on from there.

Interestingly my paternal line goes back through a 16xg grandmother and her first husband, and my maternal line through the same 16xg grandmother and her second husband.

You've probably got a fair bit of research to do yet before you get back to the 1500s.

Good luck



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